Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha is the first generation all born in the 21st century, with births from 2010 to 2024. Marketing to kids will never be the same.

The latest cohort is the most tech savvy yet, having been in front of a digital device since their earliest days. And that changes everything. They have access to information and data from a broad range of sources, which shapes their experiences and behavior. Relationships, education, entertainment, shopping, careers, the environment, services—the vast majority of these will be online.

These kids will likely have more friends (both in number and diversity) online than in the real world. The good news is their online buddies will be those who share similar interests and passions and are available day and night. The downside is, with social media, there is a high chance for bullying and negative dialogue that will be a part of their daily lives—and hard for parents to control or limit. Even family relationships will be digitally driven—from GPS and location tracking to monitoring online behavior, giving access to homes and restricting access to certain websites. Technology is integral to daily life.

Education will increasingly shift to be delivered online, often remotely. Assignments will be completed and submitted electronically, with rapid feedback and scoring from teachers. This should enable more personalized and relevant learning that plays to the student’s strengths, interests, and motivations than is possible in today’s classrooms.

Games and content of all different flavors and forms are proliferating, and Gen Alpha will explore and experiment with many until they find the online communities that they most relate to and have fun with. These online worlds are so engaging it will be a challenge to get or sustain their attention for tasks or assignments. And many of these games include their own “currencies” and marketplaces to buy upgrades and resources that accelerate their progress. They are savvy shoppers at a very young age.

Given this daily digital life, they will seek careers that bring personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment largely in the digital ecosystem—things like content creation, eCommerce, social media, virtual reality, AI (artificial intelligence), cybersecurity, nanotechnology, and the like.

Compared with generations that have proceeded them, Gen Alpha kids are keenly aware of the precarious position of the planet and the importance of global warming, feeding the world’s population in an ever-more-challenging agricultural setting, and green energy. Most will “vote with their wallets” and frequent those businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible.

How to market to and engage with Gen Alpha

Meet them where they live—online. Get in front of them. Make it interesting and informative but engaging as well. They typically have short attention spans, so you will have to grab them with a clear and compelling story about your benefits and features quickly. And they are heavily influenced by their online network of buddies. So, monitor the social media platforms and be prepared to shift when a website that once was cool is abandoned for the next cutting-edge place to share their ratings and experiences (rants and raves). When you engage with them, be honest, direct and transparent in every interaction. And remember they are a melting pot of cultures, heritages, and backgrounds as never before. 

And be sensitive and responsive to their on-the-go lifestyles, as traditional occasions fade away in favor of more grab and go, snacking and grazing, short offline time windows.

Gen Alpha is a moving target for sure, but one that will be a large and influential cohort with BIG economic clout. Move with them, serve them well, deliver superior experiences, and earn their respect.

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