Lessons from the Masters

Not all of us are avid golfers. For those who play the game, we know that it is a challenging sport—one that takes skill, practice, physical gifts, and mental fortitude—all of which were on display at this year’s Masters Championship in Augusta, GA. Scottie Scheffler came into the tournament ranked #1 in the world. He […]

Rites of Spring

There are so many things to like about spring…flowering trees, bulbs, and annuals showing their colors, lawns greening up after a long winter, baseball season getting started again, playoffs for basketball and hockey, the Masters, the French Open, graduation ceremonies, proms. The list goes on. It is a time to admire nature and rejoice in […]

Reflections on March Madness

By the time you read this, the 2024 NCAA tournament will be a memory. History was made and records were broken. For many of us, the NCAA college basketball tournament is an annual ritual. It is virtually impossible to resist selecting your personal picks to make it to the Sweet 16 or even the Final […]

Brand Personality

While it is true that your family and friends each have memorable personalities, so do your favorite brands. It is a natural trait to make sense of things by assigning human characteristics to your favorite brands. We seek connections and make associations that are both descriptive and evocative. It is basically how you would describe […]

What Is Borrowed Interest

We are not talking about the interest that you pay when you take out a loan. Borrowed interest is the practice of leveraging the recognition or image of a property or personality to try to boost your brand. It is most often used in advertising, but it has now spread to other tactics, including social […]

Bright Shiny Objects

Oh, those gleaming, showy, snazzy, and glamorous new things! They tend to be the latest and greatest, if you believe the hype…the stuff that geniuses and entrepreneurs dream up. And that is what makes them so compelling, so attractive, so interesting. They are a jolt of energy with the promise of tomorrow. What’s not to […]

The Price Is Right

Of the 5 Ps of marketing (product, promotion, place, positioning, and price), price may be one of the most challenging to get right. First, most markets are dynamic with relatively low switching costs, so consumers often experiment with several brands in each product category until they find a brand that consistently delivers against all of […]

There’s a New Kid in Town

With today’s competitive intelligence tools, internet alerts, plus your own customer relationships, it is rare that anyone is surprised by a new competitive entry. What is often surprising is when that new product takes off and starts to eat into your market share. That requires a response. Where to start Your sales team, no doubt, […]

AI and Marketing

Everywhere you turn, there is a breathless exclamation of the power and potential of AI. Tech players have a habit of hype. Is there fire with the smoke? Definition of AI Marketing Let’s start with what artificial intelligence marketing is. AI at its core leverages advanced and automated analytics across large sets of data to […]

Ready, Fire, Aim!

You have just completed a successful year of decent growth. The budget for the new year hinges on a major new product launch set for April. You pushed and pushed the entire team to be ready for the big day. But now, your operations team knows the manufacturing will not be able to meet the […]