Lessons from the Masters

Not all of us are avid golfers. For those who play the game, we know that it is a challenging sport—one that takes skill, practice, physical gifts, and mental fortitude—all of which were on display at this year’s Masters Championship in Augusta, GA.

Scottie Scheffler came into the tournament ranked #1 in the world. He faced significant pressure on the final day, where he shot 4 under par to extend his total score to 11 under, which was four shots better than his closest competitor.

Amazing! You never saw him flinch, lose his cool, or even show any emotion. He just rose to the occasion and got the job done.

Lessons for All of Us

For us mere mortals, watching such raw talent and mental toughness in action was inspiring. We can all take a page from Scottie’s book.

Even if your brand is in the enviable position of #1, you can never rest. You must stay vigilant, alert, and always listen to your customers and the market. Like golf, the conditions change, so what once worked may lose its effectiveness over time.

That is not to say that you should change your strategy every season. Far from it. Your strategy was and is well-reasoned, fact-based, and customer focused. A good strategy stands the test of time.

You should consider how you execute your strategy, the tactics that you use. Fit those program decisions into today’s context, today’s course conditions.

With inflation still running above historical norms, and grocery pricing a hot button consumer issue, you may want to consider more aggressive, deeper discount pricing when on promotion. As the leading brand, it is likely that you will get more incremental volume when on deal. Just don’t make a habit of it, as that would signal a shift in strategy.

It is safe to say that as the leading brand, your competitors will be coming after you—just like during a marquee golf tournament. Like a champion, stay focused on what got you there. Our bet is that your unique point of difference, your product benefits, drive the bulk of your advantage. Press that advantage in all that you do, and do not be tempted to water it down.

That single-minded focus on telling your story (why you are different and better) is a great game plan. But just like having an experienced caddy by your side when the competition steps it up a notch, we are confident we can help you freshen your messaging or your tactics to maintain (or extend) your market position. At the end of the day, we are all competitors. At Forge, we are player coaches that work seamlessly with your team to stay at the top of your game.

Or let’s say you once held the top market position and now believe you have an innovation that can propel you back toward the top. Here again, an outside resource can be the catalyst to taking full advantage of the opportunity to challenge competitors for the leadership market share.

At Forge, we thrive on helping clients get to the next level. We have worked with many clients building growth plans that are grounded in solid ideas, sound strategy, brand differentiation, and consumer benefits. And yes, we are big believers in hard work.

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