Rites of Spring

There are so many things to like about spring…flowering trees, bulbs, and annuals showing their colors, lawns greening up after a long winter, baseball season getting started again, playoffs for basketball and hockey, the Masters, the French Open, graduation ceremonies, proms. The list goes on.

It is a time to admire nature and rejoice in new growth, as spring is energizing and rejuvenating.

Planting New Seeds

Spring is also a time when your companies often launch new products or refresh existing brands. There is much anticipation that these new initiatives will generate organic growth and attract new customers. The research you did built your confidence that your efforts and spending will result in your new revenue goals. You might even get some “halo” benefit to the overall business as an extra bonus.

These new seeds require constant attention—some fertilizer, if you will—to ensure that initial trial and repeat purchase rates are on track to meet your forecast. If you are ahead of budget and things are going better than planned, our advice is to put fuel on the flame. You can build upon the momentum your new product launches have stimulated.

New Beginnings

While you are celebrating your success, do not take your foot off the gas. Those new product wins mean you have captured new sources of growth. This may represent the chance to “double down” and rapidly follow on with a second wave of products or promotions that tap into the consumer need or trend. You can even challenge your team to bring flanker products or line extensions to market that can ride on this momentum.

You have found a competitive point of difference that resonates with your consumer base. Capitalize on that inspiration. Go fast, test the limits, and get the next wave of products into the market as quickly as possible. Recognize team members who go above and beyond, and celebrate the seeds of growth. Winning in the market is the ultimate reward.

A smart option is to bring on outside resources to supplement your team, so you can accelerate timing and hit aggressive milestones. Not only do you get battle tested expertise, you get brains and brawn. We promise to jump right in and get things done, as an extension of your team.

At Forge, we thrive on helping clients get to the next level. We have worked with many clients building growth plans that are grounded in solid ideas, sound strategy, brand differentiation and consumer benefits. And yes, we are big believers in fresh growth, especially in the spring!

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