Rites of Spring

There are so many things to like about spring…flowering trees, bulbs, and annuals showing their colors, lawns greening up after a long winter, baseball season getting started again, playoffs for basketball and hockey, the Masters, the French Open, graduation ceremonies, proms. The list goes on. It is a time to admire nature and rejoice in […]

Ready, Fire, Aim!

You have just completed a successful year of decent growth. The budget for the new year hinges on a major new product launch set for April. You pushed and pushed the entire team to be ready for the big day. But now, your operations team knows the manufacturing will not be able to meet the […]

Make the Most of Your New Product Launch!

Here’s the scenario. Sales year-to-date are decent and your brand is gaining market share. Your consumers are happy, your customers are happy, your stakeholders are happy. But since we are all restless at heart and ambitious by nature, this is no time to relax. In fact, there is no better time for a new product […]