Rites of Spring

There are so many things to like about spring…flowering trees, bulbs, and annuals showing their colors, lawns greening up after a long winter, baseball season getting started again, playoffs for basketball and hockey, the Masters, the French Open, graduation ceremonies, proms. The list goes on. It is a time to admire nature and rejoice in […]

Brand Personality

While it is true that your family and friends each have memorable personalities, so do your favorite brands. It is a natural trait to make sense of things by assigning human characteristics to your favorite brands. We seek connections and make associations that are both descriptive and evocative. It is basically how you would describe […]

What Is Borrowed Interest

We are not talking about the interest that you pay when you take out a loan. Borrowed interest is the practice of leveraging the recognition or image of a property or personality to try to boost your brand. It is most often used in advertising, but it has now spread to other tactics, including social […]

Tell Your Brand Story!

Every brand has a story, and some are more interesting than others. And it is not just how loud that storyteller is, or the power of the presenter. Great stories connect you with your consumer on a deeper level, enabling you to establish trust. With so many marketing messages constantly bombarding your consumers daily, it […]

Brand Differentiation

This is IT! The Holy Grail! It is why we get up in the morning! Why? A well differentiated Brand truly has a unique selling proposition. A Brand that enjoys competitive insulation. A Brand with loyal users who are advocates and ambassadors. A Brand that has pricing power, a premium over competitors because you have […]

A Strong Brand Improves Everything!

It sounds obvious, but it is worth repeating that leading Brands are powerhouses! They drive superior revenue growth and profit margins. They tend to get a higher return on investment. The biggest and baddest Brands do better with their retail partners in terms of shelf space, promotional displays, and in-store support. Leading Brands hold the […]