A Strong Brand Improves Everything!

It sounds obvious, but it is worth repeating that leading Brands are powerhouses! They drive superior revenue growth and profit margins. They tend to get a higher return on investment. The biggest and baddest Brands do better with their retail partners in terms of shelf space, promotional displays, and in-store support. Leading Brands hold the keys to consumer engagement. They spark social media and in general energize their product category.

But there’s more. Brands are the inspiration for a strong company culture as well!

How so?

Brand strategy starts with a mission, a competitive positioning, and a set of values that distinguish it from all others. Leaders of great companies make absolutely sure that the Company values are 100% aligned with those of the Brand.

Why? Employees who are aligned with and identify strongly with Brand values become ambassadors for the Company. Meaning that they can (and do) talk with energy and passion about how their Brand is better and different than competitors. So, whether the employee works in procurement, or sales, or operations, or logistics—in every case, the story is the same. And that drives advantage in all aspects of the business. Your cost of goods is lower, your new account win rate is higher, your operations efficiency is better, and you get more 100% complete and on time orders delivered.

Those are the benefits to the business. The stronger the alignment of your workforce to the Brand and the Company mission and values, the better the bottom-line results. Everyone is pulling in the same direction. There is a clear focus on what is important to the business. There is a common view of what success looks like. There is agreement on the top priorities. Your entire team understands how you create value for customers and what your points of difference are.

As important, that matching and melding of Brand with core values also makes your Company an employer of choice. When new hire candidates interview and speak with hiring managers and the HR team, they hear (and feel) those values. In most cases, that enthusiasm is contagious and compelling. So, your hiring success rate for top quality employees is better.

Great business leaders take it a step further. They regularly celebrate Brand wins AND examples of Company values in action. That is powerful for a sense of belonging, of purpose, of meaning. So, your employee retention rate tends to be better as well. They are excited and inspired to work for you!

Each employee will interpret, embrace, and reinforce your Brand in their own ways. With that strong alignment and distinct personality, you are very likely to have everyone contributing to a superior customer experience with your Brand.

Sounds good, right? Let’s get after it.

1. Be clear on your Brand mission and values with all employees.

Articulate your Brand promise in a compelling and memorable way. And take the time to be sure that the entire team understands it, believes it, and can put it into words they can use doing their jobs.

2. Engage your employees.

Create a dialogue about the Brand and the Company. Talk with the team, not at the team. Ask what is going well and what needs improvement. You just may get some good actionable feedback and ideas that can make you even stronger.

3. Know and share your key performance metrics.

Everyone should know what is important to winning in the market. How you measure success. How you make money. What your current year budget looks like. Subsequent conversations are then informed by a common set of goals, with tighter alignment against what matters. Organizational silos are less likely to develop as well.

4. Invest in a bit of PR and social media.

Celebrate milestones and major accomplishments. Certainly with your team, but also with your customers and the broader market. Those actions create a sense of pride and spark enthusiasm. Your folks may also extend the story and the messaging on their social media networks. Amplifying those stories can make a difference in the total reach and impact.

5. Pay close attention to onboarding and training.

New hires benefit a great deal when they learn about your Brand, your mission, your values. It brings purpose, perspective, and compassion to their day-to-day responsibilities.  Make sure that your HR and marketing teams work closely together so that communication is clear and effective with your new folks. Set the tone from the beginning as well as expectations for your new employees. They will become Brand ambassadors before you know it!

At Forge, we thrive on helping clients maximize Brand value. We are here to be your partner, your conscience, your devil’s advocate. And we will always bring the conversation back to strategy. Who is your primary target audience? How does your product meet their needs? How do we maximize the market opportunity?  How can we make sure that Company culture AND Brand operate in a powerful manner?

Importantly, we are pragmatic, focused, and energetic. We get assignments done well, and quickly.

Take the first step to a more successful business today.

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