Tell Your Brand Story!

Every brand has a story, and some are more interesting than others. And it is not just how loud that storyteller is, or the power of the presenter. Great stories connect you with your consumer on a deeper level, enabling you to establish trust. With so many marketing messages constantly bombarding your consumers daily, it is vital to tell your brand story in a superior manner.

Where to Start?

Begin by truly understanding your consumer. What are their pain points and what problem does your brand solve for them? What do they care about most? Are there emotions in addition to product benefits that come into play when using your brand? Your story needs to tap into all of these things to be persuasive, impactful, and to stand out from a sea of choices.

Some Tips

There is an art to brand storytelling, as the words and imagery that you use are important decisions. And, they have to fit your brand. Ideally, your words and imagery could not be used effectively by any other brand.

First, keep it simple and straightforward.

Focus on what your brand is all about in an uncomplicated way. Your story should capture what makes your brand unique. Make it easy to understand by focusing on the basics—the most important benefits and points of difference. If your story is short and simple, you have a much better chance of rising above the noise.

Second, be authentic and relatable.

Use language that your consumers identify with, that is genuine, that comes from the heart. Here is where it is critical to tap into and leverage the emotions that are part of your brand. Just be sure that the emotional elements resonate with your consumers and are not forced or contrived.

Third, be visual and engaging.

Use visuals that capture what your brand is and does. Well-conceived and executed videos can help you make a strong and enduring connection by capturing the head and the heart of your consumers. Let’s face it, most people are visual learners. We like to see demonstrations of how your brand works, and why it is better. As they say, “show me!” Done right, your consumers will remember your brand and your story.

Fourth, get your story out there!

OK, you did some soul searching and with hard work. You now have a brand story that gets and keeps the attention of your core consumers. And it is interesting to product category users. Now, put that story to work by getting it out in multiple channels, multiple times so that you have a chance to “own” that space. Even the best stories need to be told repeatedly in order to truly resonate, be felt and remembered.

With today’s wide array of digital channels, take full advantage. Post to YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, your website, and user forums. Start out small and find the places where your consumers spend time to learn and be entertained by brand stories. Gather data on what works to inform future investments. Web analytics can provide number of likes, page views, unique visitors, shares, views to completion, and user comment. Your brand can also leverage SEO and retargeting. All of these can be great sources of additional insights into your consumer and how engaged they are with your brand story.

Want Some Help?

At Forge, we thrive on helping clients maximize brand value and digging deep to understand and act on consumer insights. We are here to be your partner, your trusted advisor, your devil’s advocate. And we will always bring the conversation back to strategy. How do we best engage with and attract your primary target audience? How does your product uniquely meet the needs of customers? How do we maximize the market opportunity by telling your best story?

Importantly, we are pragmatic, focused, nimble, smart, and energetic. We get assignments done well, and quickly.

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