By Scott Wallace on February 16, 2022

Keys to Attracting & Hiring Younger Talent

Let’s face it, your company’s success is directly linked to the caliber and drive of your employees. And in today’s competitive job market, you must be on your game to get and keep the talent that you need.

Younger employees add a ton of value. They bring a fresh perspective, new energy, enthusiasm, creative thinking, and unbiased opinions—all of which can, and do, make a difference. New talent often means new skills, and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Sounds good, right? Yes, for sure!

What matters to younger workers when they are looking to start or boost their careers? Many things.

Importantly, younger talent places high priority on your Brand and image. They want to join a company that has a clear and compelling vision and mission—which ties to your company values. If your mission captures their imagination and aligns well with their own values, that is a win.

Even your logo and workspace speak volumes about your employer Brand. Expect to be asked about your company culture and have specific answers to the things that younger talent value most.

Do you offer a flexible work environment that is truly supported? Does your workplace technology make it easy to work remotely and collaborate as needed with other employees?

Do your best to offer coaching and development opportunities to younger staff members. Show them that you trust them and want to help them grow and learn. Give them responsibilities early on, with the guidance to foster early wins to build confidence. Even consider providing reimbursement for career relevant training or courses. Investing in the talent and skills of your folks makes them more valuable and tends to enhance retention.

But back to your Brand. Younger talent is watching and evaluating.

They particularly notice what you do on LinkedIn. Not just the jobs that you post but also your content. And how you celebrate successes for the company and for your team members.

They also pay attention to what you do on social media. Is it an afterthought, or is it part of your strategy and your Brand? Staying consistently active with stuff that is relevant for your target audience is key. And use video content or animations to help drive engagement with your messaging. It is more effective and contributes to the cool factor for your Brand.

What causes do you support? That too is a reflection of your Brand as it demonstrates what is important to the company. The arts, education, hunger, the environment, the homeless. Be selective as no one can do it all. Then talk about your favorite causes and how your support (whether money or employee volunteering) helps them succeed.

Yes, your Brand is vital to attracting and keeping customers. But it is as important to getting and retaining high performing employees. Be positive, be purposeful, be planful.

At Forge Brand Works, we recently hired a new junior designer and a new project manager to inject fresh thinking, enthusiasm and energy to our team. Walk the talk!


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