Prospects for 2024

Our crystal ball is usually a bit clearer by this time of year for what is coming next. There are so many issues facing consumers and businesses right now, with the economy being front and center. Here Is Our View Several recent data points have been suggesting it may in fact be possible to have […]

Consumer Mindsets Matter!

Let’s be honest…consumers today have a lot going on in their lives with a wide range of concerns and competing pressures. Ignoring what is influencing their buying decisions or assuming all customers are created equal is a mistake. Understanding the mindset of your customers means that you recognize the context of their purchasing behavior. And […]

Understanding Your Consumer

Think you know your consumer; I mean really know them? Are you sure? When was the last time you checked in with them? Are you still meeting their needs? Have their preferences shifted? Has their consumption or repurchase rate slowed down? Any changes in your sales trends or competitive actions or new regulations or product […]