The Price Is Right

Of the 5 Ps of marketing (product, promotion, place, positioning, and price), price may be one of the most challenging to get right. First, most markets are dynamic with relatively low switching costs, so consumers often experiment with several brands in each product category until they find a brand that consistently delivers against all of […]

AI and Marketing

Everywhere you turn, there is a breathless exclamation of the power and potential of AI. Tech players have a habit of hype. Is there fire with the smoke? Definition of AI Marketing Let’s start with what artificial intelligence marketing is. AI at its core leverages advanced and automated analytics across large sets of data to […]

Building a Marketing Budget

In the fourth quarter of each year, many companies create a marketing budget to meet revenue and brand recognition goals for the coming year. It might be tempting to simply extrapolate what you did this year. But today, many CEOs require a bottom-up budget with line-item detailed plans and the expected outcomes. Marketing ROI (return […]

Digital Marketing Primer

Here’s a scenario to consider. You have built a decent-sized business (say $50 – 100 million in sales), with a solid and loyal customer base that is regional in nature. Your marketing sophistication and budget are modest, but you feel compelled to put your toe in the digital marketing water (seems like everyone else is […]