As 2023 comes to a close, and the year-end holidays approach, it seems appropriate to think about how fortunate we are. Fortunate to have great clients, fortunate to have gotten some great work done that made a difference in the marketplace. Fortunate to have wonderful families, friends, and co-workers.

Giving thanks.

What makes for those solid and productive relationships? It is much like any partnership (although that is an overused term), in that each member on both sides of the table trusts, respects, challenges, and shares openly with the other. Honest, direct, and energetic exchanges of ideas, feedback, and perspectives lead to better outcomes and more efficient work.

In fact, the best agency/client relationships operate at multiple levels so that information sharing, and mutual understanding is optimized. A top to top only (or primary) structure is destined to be less successful. An open and unimpeded flow of dialogue stirs the thinking and the imagination. Bottom up or top down, we do our best when conversations are had at all levels. And on a timely basis. We are grateful for those clients who are open, who provide the rationale for their thinking and opinions, who give us the context for their decisions.

We try our best not to play favorites, as all clients are valued. Each deserves our best efforts, and full delivery against the goals of the assignment. As an agency, that is how we succeed.

So, thank you to all our clients. It has been a challenging, sometimes exasperating, but fruitful year.

High fives.

While client work is why we exist, we could not do what we do without our dedicated team. They sweat, they dig in, they persevere, they innovate, they brainstorm, they stay late and get up early. Together, we get it done. Together, we push further than we otherwise could. We lean on each other; we build upon good ideas to make them even better. We listen (hard) and then talk about what we heard in order to be well-informed and on point.

In the heat of the moment, with the pressure on, it is easy to be heads down. Focused, relentless, “eyes on the prize.” We often remind ourselves that it is a gift to be surrounded by smart, driven, motivated, talented people. Now, let’s take the time to say it out loud. You guys and gals rock! 

Home hugs.

Yes, clients are why we get up in the morning. To be honest, it is our families, our spouses, our kids, our parents, and grandparents that make our lives complete and fulfilling. We do our best to balance work and home, but it is often not easy—causing stress along the way. They are our sounding board, our safety net, our battery rechargers. To all the family members who are with us and support us every day, thank you for your enduring love and understanding.

Not every organization has the same culture and values, for sure. We just wanted to go on record to show our gratitude. No doubt, many of you do similar things with and for your folks.

All that said, we can’t wait to get into the New Year!

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