Customer Engagement

Customers are good; engaged customers are even better. They tend to be more loyal, buy at a higher rate, and often tell their buddies about products they are passionate about. Plus engaged customers are a great source of feedback since they have more of a relationship with your brand that operates on an emotional level.

It goes beyond retention and customer satisfaction. In the optimum cases, engaged customers become brand advocates or ambassadors. That is a great thing as each ambassador is typically very well connected. They tell 15 – 20 of their friends about how well your brand performs and how much they enjoyed the customer experience. The positive impact on your business gets interesting quickly.

Want to increase engagement?

Start with examining your customer journey. The higher the price point, and the more technical the product feature set, the more time and effort you need to spend on ways to improve the buying experience. This often takes a multi-functional approach as most prospects today begin their buying journey online researching brands to narrow down to a few viable alternatives.

This means that your website should be content rich with words, imagery and videos that tell your brand story in a compelling and informative manner. Plus, if prospects want to learn more, it should be easy for browsers to dig deeper or request more information or speak with a product expert or service rep.

If your brand requires some set up or user instructions, your post sale support becomes a critical component of a superior customer journey. Have knowledgeable reps available who are personable and responsive so that most questions are handled on the first call. Reps should listen carefully to the question(s) being asked, be honest and genuine in their informed assistance, and then thank the caller for their business.

To the degree that you can personalize the customer journey by capturing and acting on customer data (browsing behavior, purchase behavior, lifetime value, etc.), even better. It takes money, time, and training to do so, but a truly personalized customer journey can be quite powerful. And it does not have to be only available to luxury brands. Scale your systems and sales/service teams to a level that delivers an extraordinary experience.

Customer communication and feedback are additional areas to enhance engagement. A more informed customer is a happier and more satisfied customer. Offer newsletters, blogs, white papers, user forums, customer surveys, and webinars or workshops for more advanced users. Remember to use social media to promote your brand content on the platforms that make sense for your business. And use imagery and visuals to keep your content interesting and relevant.

Where it makes economic sense, consider offering a customer loyalty program, or a referral incentive. Experiment with outbound messaging via email or text messaging to keep customers informed and engaged. Here again, if you can segment your customer base into groups with like interests and behaviors, the better chance you have for tailoring and personalizing your messaging.

Lastly, measure your engagement statistics and trend the data over time. Customers can be a moving target in a dynamic evolving market, so pay attention to all key performance indicators. Revenues, profits, number of customers, sales per customer, and costs to serve are table stakes. Look at things like the number of newsletter subscribers, video shares and views to completion, likes and comments on social media, customer satisfaction metrics, survey responses. These engagement numbers can shed light on issues and opportunities.

Want some help?

At Forge, we thrive on helping clients maximize brand value and digging deep to understand and act on consumer insights. We are here to be your partner, your trusted advisor, your devil’s advocate. And we will always bring the conversation back to strategy. How do we best engage with and attract your ideal target audience? How does your product uniquely meet the needs of customers? How do we maximize the market opportunity by helping you do the right things to boost customer engagement?

Importantly, we are pragmatic, focused, nimble, smart, and energetic. We get assignments done well, and quickly.

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